Music Broadcast Limited (MBL) has reported its Financial Results for the Quarter and Year ended March 31, 2018 and has delivered a topline growth of 14% in Q4 with a margin of 36%.

Key Highlights – Q4FY18:

EBITDA Margins at 36% with a 65% growth in EBITDA

EBITDA breakeven in Phase3 markets. Faster than anticipated

Robust revenue growth at 14%

PAT growth by 261%

Commenting on the results, Apurva Purohit, Director, said: “Our company delivered a robust topline growth of 14% in Q4. The growth was majorly contributed by Phase III stations in terms of volume and by legacy stations in terms of yields. We reported margin of 36% for the quarter and 32.6% for the year end 2018, much better than expectations and infact maintained consistent margins of above 30% in all the four quarters despite a tough year and Phase III investments. This was on the back of a volume growth of 8%; higher than the Industry growth of 5%, thereby gaining 1% market share for Radiocity.”
“Our Phase III stations have seen a breakeven for Q4 much before our estimates and they will have a meaningful contribution to the EBITDA in the quarters to come. Our legacy stations are running at a healthy utilization levels. This gives us confidence that our strategy of being focused will continue to deliver better than industry shareholder returns,” she added. Exchange for Media