Airtel on Tuesday announced the launch of Airtel Home platform that is claimed to change the way how customers interact with Airtel services at home. The ‘first-of-its-kind’ platform unifies all the Airtel services such as postpaid mobile connection, DTH, and broadband connection into a single interface that will be available to the users inside the MyAirtel app.

Under the Airtel Home platform, customers will be able to go through the information of their mobile postpaid, DTH, and broadband connections comprehensively in a unified interface. Airtel has piloted the Airtel Home service initially in Hyderabad and plans to roll out this platform across India over ‘next few weeks’. The Airtel Home is currently available in a beta version.

Coming to the offerings, Airtel Home will benefit Airtel customers with a single bill for all the Airtel services, which means that the customer’s postpaid, DTH, and broadband bills for a monthly cycle will be summed up into one. This is claimed to eliminate the hassle of having to remember different billing cycles for different subscriptions. Airtel will bundle the bill amount of all the services, irrespective of their billing cycles, into a single bill. Moreover, Airtel connections from any part of the country can be added to the unified bill.

Airtel is also offering a discount of up to 10 per cent on the single bill of all the connections bundled into one. This way, the customers will need to pay less than what they pay for all the individual subscriptions. There will also be premium customer support provided to the Airtel Home users, says the company.

In order to create Airtel Home, the Airtel customers who are using the company’s mobile postpaid, DTH, and broadband services will need to go to the MyAirtel app. They will be greeted by the Airtel Home banner, which they need to click. The customers will need to add their broadband connection as the primary account for Airtel Home, after which they can connect their mobile postpaid and DTH accounts. Airtel DTH service is not available as of yet and is expected to be available ‘soon’. The rollover data facility on broadband connection will be unaffected.

After the above-mentioned process, the customer will be required to validate that they agree to register for a single bill for all the given connections. The customer can now make payments for all the service with a single bill. Airtel is offering a view of bills for individual services as well so that the customer can compare the total amount with the single bill amount.

Commenting on the launch of Airtel Home, George Mathen, CEO – Homes, Bharti Airtel said, “Airtel Home is yet another industry first from Airtel and is designed to truly simplify the customer journey. A key feedback we received from customers who use different services from Airtel was, why can’t they have a single bill for everything as managing multiple payment dates is a very cumbersome process. Keeping in mind this feedback, we have launched the Airtel Home platform that is not just convenient but also brings more value to our customers. Further, Airtel is India’s only integrated telecommunications service provider, hence we are uniquely positioned to bring together all our services onto a single digital platform.” – Financial Express