Community radio stations, which primarily disseminate information to specialized groups such as students and farmers, have aired obscene and vulgar content on numerous occasions, according to an annual report by the information and broadcasting ministry for the year 2015-16.Violations came to the fore after a check of 30 community radio stations across the country. The electronic media monitoring centre (EMCC), which was tasked with monitoring content through various media, started monitoring radio from January 1, 2015. A wing of EMMC moni tored community radio stations to see if they were violating the `general agreement between government of India and community radio stations' (GOPA).Having found violations by community radio owners, EMCC has reported them to the inter-ministerial committee for action to be taken.Several violations were also reported in films and promos on television. 

Figures from the I&B ministry reveal that films are being shown on TV without certification by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). According to rules, only films with a `U' certificate can be be telecast on TV.If a film gets a theatrical release with an `A' or `UA' certification, after its run at the box-office, producers go back to the CBFC for recertification. They delete scenes or dialogues that CBFC demands in order to get `U' certification.In April 2015, as many as 103 films were telecast without `U' certification, 117 in May , 102 in June, 94 in July, 123 in August , 108 in September, 118 in October, 100 in November and 85 in December.Films promos too need to get certification. - Nyooz