Saral Jeevan is back with new program lines-up from this Diwali week. Starting from fourth week of October the channel is going for a refreshing line-up with the addition of 3 shows during the weekday and 2 two new shows during the weekend. The list of programs that will be launched includes Anthima inagalu that will be aired on every Mon-Sat at 9.00pm, while Wide Angle that presents insightful true stories with historic significance comes at 9:30 PM will be aired on every Mon – Fri. Kote Helida Kathe (Stories of Forts) that presents insightful historic stories from forts perspective will be aired on every Sat at 9.30 pm.

Navu Nammavaru (We and Our Society), the show that delves in to the lives of different communities and presents their unseen side will be aired on Sunday 9:00 PM. Mane Aduge (Home Made Food): Program with dishes that can be cooked in a jiffy and presented in a very Indian style comes at 1:30 PM on every Mon-Sat. “Our programs are inspired by Indian heritage and culture. Since the launch this February, viewers have liked our approach of differentiated Indian content. Today our brand credibility is high and loyalty is growing. Viewers want to see more such content. New programs will surely further strengthen our viewership” says Raghunatha Reddy, Business Head of Saral Jeevan. “Programs like Lord Rama’s epic journey as Mahapayana, Grandmother Tales, History, BM Hegde’s Nimma Arogya have already set the bench mark. So viewer’s expectations are high on our new programs. We are sure that these new programs will be liked more than the past ones” ads MS Raghavendra, Editor of Saral Jeevan. Saral Jeevan also airs non-fiction programming with a focus on mythology, history, travel and insights from Indian heritage and culture. Channel philosophy is to present inspiring, motivational and factual content that is positive in nature. Saral Jeevan is part of CG Parivar Global Vision, founded by Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji, who is the pioneer in Saral Vaastu. - Hunt News