Attention is drawn to the Ministry's Advisory dated 25.06.2014 wherein all Broadcast Companies and Teleport operator, were advised to strictly follow the guidelines under the

provisions of the FEMA act 1999 read with Master Circular No. 6/2014-15 dated l't July 2014 along with Schedule II thereof issued by RBI requiring prior approval of Ministry of Information & Bioadcasting for making remittance of foreign exchange towards availing transponder services on foreign sateilite for up-linking of TV Channels/Teleport services/DSNG Operations/Temporary events.

Rule 4 of Master CircularNo.6/2014-15 dated 01.07.2014 provides, "No person shall draw foreign exchange for a transaction included in the Schedule II without prior approval of the

Government of India; However, specific exemption is provided for EEFC account holders. – Broadcast and CableSat Bureau


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