The launch of music channels like Channel V and MTV was a new era in the TV industry. With the same boring daily soaps everyday, exclusive music channels like these changed the TV scene in India.

Accordng to sources, Channel V is about to shut down soon while MTV will go back to how it started - a music only channel.

If reports are true, Channel V will be collaborating with Hotstar (Star's digital partner) and will air their shows on web.

Channel V has been the youth's favourite and shows like 'Gumrah', 'Sadda Haq' and 'D4' have played a huge role in their lives.

A source close to the channel told a tabloid about the revamping of the channel. It will be revamped as a youth-centric music channel from July 1. All the current shows on Channel V will air till end of June.

A few months back in February, International Channel V was shut down and turned into a 24-hour music channel. It might be possible if Indian Channel V is also thinking about the same. - TOI