Highland Dawn Media Nagaland and Reach Beyond Australia are broadcasting a new weekly Nagamese Christian Radio program, specifically covering North East India and Myanmar.

A press note informed that the program is called ‘From darkness to Light’ and will feature well known Naga Pastors and preachers like Rev Pastor Vizotuo Kiewhuo, and Rev Shan Kikon from Nagaland, including Rev Luoliehu Yimsung  from Australia. Evangelism, family and relationships, health, youth programs, and Nagamese Christian music from Nagaland and beyond will be featured, it added.

The broadcaster has invited singers and musicians who have recorded Nagamese Christian music to contact them for radio broadcast or recording of their songs and albums.

The program will be broadcast every Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday at 5:45pm IST, which will be 6:45 pm Myanmar Standard Time (MMT). The program can be heard on short wave band frequency: 9685 Khz (31 metres). The broadcast started on May 13 and will continue every week on the above mentioned days and time, the press note informed. – Morung Express