UFO Moviez India Limited, India’s largest digital cinema distribution network and in-cinema advertising platform in terms of number of screens, today, announced its financial results for the quarterand yearended March 31, 2017.

Quarter ended March 31, 2017

Consolidated revenues grew by 6.0 percent to 1,556 (Q4FY16 – 1,467) million. EBITDA stood at490 (Q4FY16 – 531) million and PBT stood at270 (Q4FY16 – 322) million.PAT was higher 9.9 percent to 195 (Q4FY16 – 177) million.

Excluding new businesses (VDSPL), the consolidated Theatrical and In-Cinema Advertisement business deliveredRevenue growthof6.7 percent to 1,548 (Q4FY16 – 1,451) million, EBITDA stood at504 (Q4FY16 – 559) million,PBT stood at307 (Q4FY16 – 360) million and PAT grew 7.5 percentto232 (Q4FY16 – 216) million.

Advertisements revenues stood at449 (Q4FY16 – 466) million.

Year ended March 31, 2017

Consolidated revenues grew by 4.7 percent to 5,989 (FY16 – 5,721) million. EBITDA stood at1,845 (FY16 – 1,848) million, PBT stood at 959 (FY16 – 981) million and PAT stood at632 (FY16 – 635) million.

Excluding new businesses (VDSPL), the consolidated Theatrical and In-Cinema Advertisement business delivered Revenuegrowth of 4.9 percent to 5,949 (FY16 – 5,671) million, EBITDA grew by 0.5 percent to 1,927 (FY16 – 1,918) million, PBT grew 4.4 percent to 1,130 (FY16 – 1,082) million and PAT was higher 9.0 percent to 803 (FY16 – 736) million.

Advertisement revenue grew 13.4 percent to 1,790 (FY16 – 1,578) million. Average advertisement minutes sold per show per screen increased to 4.34 (FY16-4.15) minutes during the year.

Other Highlights:

UFO Moviez entered into a strategic tie up with United Media Works Pvt. Limited (UMW), a digital cinema technology and service provider having more than 300 digitized cinema screens on its network in India. Under this tie up, UFO has acquired long term exclusive rights from UMW to monetize the advertising inventory on these screens. In addition, UFO will share movie content to these screens in UFO M-4 format. However, existing commercial and service arrangement between UMW and its Channel Partners /Exhibitors/Distributors shall remain unchanged.

Awards & Recognition:

UFO Moviez was bestowed with the ‘Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service Award’ for the year 2017 at the Golden Peacock Awards Ceremony held in Dubai, UAE, during the ‘27th World Congress on BUSINESS EXCELLENCE & INNOVATION’ organized by the Institute of Directors (IOD).

“With the impact of demonetization behind us, we are fully focused on the future and we see exciting opportunities ahead,” said Sanjay Gaikwad, Founder and Managing Director. “In line with the Company’s capital distribution philosophy, we have declared a higher dividend of 100 percent in FY17. The dividend rate has increased underlining the strength of UFO Moviez business model. We believe that our strategic focus and disciplined approach will continue to drive strong results and build long-term value for our shareholders.”

“While we were impacted by challenges in the second half of fiscal 2017, UFO Moviez has started the year with healthy momentum in both in-cinema advertising and Caravan’s performance,” added Kapil Agarwal, Joint Managing Director. “Driving revenues by leveraging on the strength of our advertisement platform remains our highest priority. We recently demonstrated this strength by acquiring long term advertisement rights from UMW forover 300 screens.” – TV News4u