Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) will hold the first edition of the ‘ZEE Entertainment Leadership Awards’ on July 13, in the United States.

The event will take place on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, and will be attended by the country’s eminent senators and congressmen. ZEE Entertainment will honour Ajit Pai, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as the first recipient of the Leadership Award. He will be felicitated by Amit Goenka, CEO, International Broadcast Business, ZEEL.

“We have instituted the ‘ZEE Entertainment Leadership Awards’ to honour individuals and institutions that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the Media and Entertainment sector,” Amit Goenka said. “The selection of our inaugural honoree was not difficult. Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai has demonstrated a great commitment to promoting and protecting consumer access to reliable, actionable information, particularly, in our case, in the areas of healthy living, wellness, news and entertainment,” he added.

“ZEE Entertainment has had a presence in the US for close to 20 years. Holding the award ceremony is an effort from our end to recognise persons and institutions in the US who have made a significant and long-lasting contribution to the Media and Entertainment industry. Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai’s intellect, objectivity and commitment to the law make him the obvious choice for this inaugural award,” said Sameer Targe, CEO, ZEE TV Americas.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the apex Government body that oversees all electronic and digital communication in the US.

Ajit Pai is the very first IndianAmerican to head the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and was appointed Chairman by President Donald J Trump in January 2017. – Press Reader