In a unique initiative, Zee Entertainment will premiere Aamir Khan's Dangal with audio description for the benefit of the visually impaired people.

The premiere of Dangal is party of Zee for All, an initiative by Zee to make content on television accessible for the visually and hearing Impaired. Zee for All, is an effort from Zee to provide audiences who have a sensory handicap, with unparalleled access to entertainment that is currently enjoyed by millions of Indians with sight. This Independence Day, Zee will launch its initiative with Zee’s first Hindi movie channel - Zee Cinema SD.

Zee Cinema is also associated with the prestigious National Association For The Blind (India), the biggest and most trusted Blind Association in the country and National Association For The Blind - The Workshop for the Blind in Mumbai amongst many other NGO’s and blind schools in India, to reach out to the maximum number of visually challenged people in India.

Zee Cinema invited kids from the Institution for the Blind, New Delhi for a preview screening of the film that they can watch it completely on Independence Day on Zee Cinema SD. Along with Delhi, the preview is also being held at Patiala School of Blind in Patiala, Punjab and at NAB centres in Lucknow, Mumbai, Indore and Chandigarh.

Speaking about Dangal’s premiere on television being the first film on television that is inclusive for the visually and hearing impaired audiences in India, Aamir Khan asserts, “It is with great anticipation that I look forward to the television premiere of Dangal on August 15 on Zee Cinema SD. Zee is going the extra mile with its initiative Zee for All that will get audiences with visual impairment to experience television like never before. UNI India