DishTV has announced a new scheme to offer HD access for all its users. The company says that this is done with an aim to make the HD viewing experience mainstream and accessible to all users across India. DishTV has launched the ‘HD for All’ initiative, which will offer all HD channels available on the platform to all subscribers.

Under this initiative, all boxes provided by DishTV are now HD-enabled to eliminate the SD-HD divide. DishTV also unveiled its new generation HD STB, DishNXT HD recently.

The company also mentions that HD access for all follows the recent launch of Mera Apna Pack that allowed customers to choose their favorite HD channel for just Rs 17. The initiative is in line with the TRAI objective of empowering consumers and providing content as per customer choice. DishTV offer HD channels for as little as at Rs 169 to its customers.

Commenting on the announcement, Anil Dua, Group Chief Executive Officer, DishTV said;

“HD space has been fast evolving, making significant in-roads into Indian households. With a sharp focus on HD, this move aims at bridging the gap between the SD and HD subscribers and taking away the inhibitions involved in switching from SD to HD. Our endeavor is to increase affinity with our audiences by providing them HD viewing experience. This launch of ‘HD for all initiative’ and also the new DishNXT HD STB will lead to a rapid rise in HD consumption. It will also encourage subsequent up gradation to full HD experience, thereby expanding overall HD viewership and boosting our revenues.”

As of now, there are 12.8 million HD households in India. However, with the new initiative, DishTV eyes a potential of having 25-30 million HD subscribers in the next five to six years.   – BGR