Multi system operator (MSO) GTPL Hathway has seeded 520,000 set top boxes(STBs) for the quarter ended 30 September taking its total STB seeding to 8.28 million.

For the quarter ended 30 June, the MSO had seeded a total of 7.76 million STBs in all four phases of digital addressable system (DAS) areas.

The total number of active STBs stood at 7.06 million in Q2 compared to 6.69 million in the trailing quarter. The digital paying subscribers of the company have jumped to 6.64 million from 5.7 million.

As per the phase-wise seeding, the MSO has seeded 0.73 million STBs in phase 1, 2.2 million pin phase 2, 2.55 million in phase 3 and 2.8 million in phase 4. – Indian DTH