The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued an advisory to all direct to home (DTH) operators for enabling online payment system using BHIM/UPI app and Bharat QR code.

The regulator noted that the Government of India is making efforts for promoting a less cash economy and Digital Payments in various utilities. To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the Government is working with multiple stakeholders for promotion of digital payments.

“DTH Sector is a vibrant sector and has a large consumer base. Enabling bill payments in such sector, through digital means, would certainly provide convenience to consumers as well as it would be a cost-effective proposition for the service providers,” the regulator said in its advisory.

In view of the above, the authority is of the view that the DTH operators may undertake the following activities to enable digital payments:

a) Enabling online payment system of Billers with BHIM/UPI and Bharat QR code.

b) Onboarding of Billers on Bharat Bill Payment System (BBMS)

c) Printing of Bharat QR code (preferably dioramic) on DTH bills

d) Enabling at least two of the following options in all physical payment receipt counters:

• Pull request through Mobile no. Virtual Payment Address (VPA) wherein a request of bill amount is received on BHIM/ UPI enabled App of the customer.

• Prominent displays of printed static Bharat QR code on the billing counter to enable customer to scan and pay.

• Dynamic Bharat QR code on a display facing the customer.

e) Offer a visible discount on digital payment vis-a-vis cash.

f) Organizing campaign for promotion of digital payments.

The authority has also provided the template in which the DTH operators may provide information about digital payment enablement in their DTH Operations. – India DTH