Several cable television operators had recently protested against the Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable Television Corporation for abruptly suspending relay of more program channels.

Prabu, president of See TV, an association formed by the cable TV operators in Thoothukudi, said several pay television channels relayed through the Corporation were taken off air abruptly on November 3 in parts of Thoothukudi since such channels were broadcast through the analog system.

Prabu, who led the protest in front of Collectorate here, said the Centre had given ample time to modify the relay of television channels from the existing analog signal transmission system to digital signal transmission system, but it was unfortunate that most of pay channels went off abruptly after the intervention of Arasu Cable TV authorities here.

All cable TV operators had registered accordingly with the Corporation and were licensed to relay television channels, he said.

Moreover, monthly subscription was being paid regularly to the Corporation, but much to the dislike of subscribers, most of the prime channels of their desire, could not be viewed, said Prabu.

Due to this, the cable TV operators were likely to lose their subscribers, who had been opting for direct to home (DTH) network, of late. However, the cable operators had been transmitting such channels through DTH network to keep their subscribers intact.

Moreover, set top boxes provided by the State government for accessing television channels were not adequate to cater to the needs of subscribers in the district. Further, he said it requires more time to distribute such set top boxes to all subscribers. – The Hindu