For the first time ever, leading exhibitors in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are planning to introduce monthly subscription plan for viewers at moderate rates to safeguard the depleting viewership in 1,800-odd theatres in two Telugu states. 

“It is true that we are discussing subscription module to retain and encourage viewership in theatres in two Telugu states. Frankly, viewership is going down the hill and we have to chalk out plans to protect them," admits leading exhibitor Suresh Babu, who holds control over 600-odd theatres in two TS, AP. “There is alarming fall in the ticket sales in the last one year and if it continues, it will be difficult for us to run the show," he adds.

Similar to DTH networks like Tatasky, Sundirect and others along with digital platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Sunext, the exhibitors will be providing monthly subscription cards to individuals and families and enable them to watch a movie on any day in four weeks of a month. 

As exhibitors believe that it will be win-win situation for both viewers and exhibitors as the prices being discussed could be fixed at Rs 500 to 800 per month. “We  do not know why viewers are not turning up in theatres even on Sunday evening show which was once the most favored show for families and office-goers.

Even good critics ratings are unable to attract crowds, leaving us a tad worried," says another leading exhibitor from Vizag. 

However, the bone of contention would raise between exhibitors and producers on the share they have to take on the pooled subscription money which would run into hundreds of crores. "That's one issue to be seriously discussed in the next couple weeks.

A film which draws more crowds will get more percentage and less to films that do not do well. But we will work formulate a sharing plan that would benefit both the producer and exhibitor in the long run," concludes Suresh Babu. – The Hans India