The latest survey by Chrome Data Analytics and Media, the largest primary research company in the country on the web series and the content consumption pattern among the viewers.

Chrome Data Analysis & Media conducts a research to understand the consumption pattern of the web series or online exclusive content. The survey consist of the awareness level about the web series, highest watched web series, content genre people prefer to watch online etc.

The survey was conducted in urban market among an age group of 16- 44 years of age with a sample size of 1426. It consisted 55 percent females and 45 percent males.

The survey unveiled the fact that  44 percent of the respondents prefer watching exclusive online content while  65 percent of the them watch TV along with web series.

According to the survey 70 percent of the consumers preferred to watch the series at night, while 35 percent preferred evening and 20 percent during travelling. Interma of frequency 28 percent watches it weekly, 19 percent daily and 30 percent as per their convenience.

As far as the popularity of the web-series is concerned Permanent roommates stood on top of their choice with 27 percent followed by TVF pitchers with 24 percent, AIB with 21 percent, Tripling with 17 percent, Timeout with 11 percentfalling in the list of most watched web series.

International online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon announced themselves in India with big-ticket acquisitions and critically-acclaimed shows and in 2017 when the trend caught on with Indian companies.

Indian OTT players showed that they are ready to dig into this relatively new segment, armed with content worthy of satiating the new-age audience’s growing appetite.

A large volume of 85 percent prefer watching comedy series on the web content followed by drama with 40 percent, Mystery 40 percent, Real Story 35 percent, Horror Fiction 30 percent, Action 25 percent and Fantasy with 20 percent.

The findings of the study determines that Popularity of web series basis online ratings, search for specific genre online, popularity of the series among peer groups are few of the factors which largely effects the viewership of the web series. – TV News4U