The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has taken several steps to spread awareness about cable TV digitization in the country.

As per a report of a Parliamentary Standing Commitee on Information Technology , the ministry informed that it has conducted awareness drives and campaigns in the post digitization phase so that there is greater awareness among the consumers about the Grievance Redressal Mechanism available for dealing with the grievances of the customers.

”A public awareness drive was launched in each phase of digitization via electronic as well as print media for providing information to the people and also making them aware of the transition from analog to digital TV and to address their concerns and queries.

During the implementation of phase III and IV, a TV spit on the advantage of digital cable and mandatory digitization In all areas had been developed through DAVP and the same had been provided to Doordarshan, IBF, NBA and ARTBI with the request to transmit the spot at regular intervals on their networks.

Further the ministry had also set up a subcommittee on public awareness campaign on January 1, 2015 to carry out, oversee and monitor the public awareness campaign . Audio visual campaign was regularly transmitted over many channels and seen by many viewers,”the ministry informed the committee.

The Standing Commitee , in its latest report, said Awareness of consumer is an essential prerequisite for a healthy and responsive cable TV eco-system.It said the service providers in the Broadcasting sector had played an effective role in initiating and carrying out a sustained campaign for switchover from analog to digital transmission of signals over the cable TV networks across the country.

However, the committee said, it was disturbed to observe that the same stakeholders have not shown much interest or enthusiasm in carrying out the awareness campaign about grievance redressal mechanism in the post digitisation phase.

”The panel, in this regard, do not see a single advertisement/scroll in any of the electronic media. Awareness of consumer is an essential prerequisite for a healthy and responsive cable TV eco-system,’the committee said As part of efforts to spread awareness of cable TV digitization, the ministry proposes to add a new consumer section on its website exclusively on cable TV digitization for giving details of provisions of ‘grievance redressal ‘ available to them. DD and AIR would be requested to carry out programs of grievance redressal ..MDOs would again be asked to carry out public awareness campaign on their local channels and with other means as envisaged in rule 12 of cable rules. – Daily Excelsior