Four multiplex chains, who were long accused of arm-twisting producers over satellite telecast dates, have just had a big victory.

A major confrontation between these prominent multiplex chains and the producers of the Vikram Bhatt directed supernatural film 1921, was resolved on Friday afternoon — only after the film’s release was halted across the multiplex chains Cinepolis, PVR, Inox and Carnival, leading to the film losing out on the morning show business.

The bone of contention between the two parties was the satellite rights of films.

Multiplexes wanted the team of 1921 to hold selling their satellite rights to OTT platforms for two months! Over the top (OTT) media services allow content producers to sell rights of their content to the consumer directly over the Internet.

Apparently, after boycotting the multiplexes, the film’s producers have given in to what they earlier referred to as “arm-twisting”.

Vikram Bhatt’s 1921 will telecast on satellite channels only eight weeks after its theatrical release. Both director Vikram Bhatt and producers of 1921, Reliance Entertainment, preferred to disclose nothing beyond this information promising that the issue was resolved.

But the question is, at what cost?

A prominent representative from a multiplex chain says, “They (the producers of 1921) agreed to hold back satellite telecast for eight weeks — that’s two months from release. This will henceforth apply to all Hindi releases, big or small.” – Deccan Chronicle