Vikram Bhatt says such OTT  platforms are best to create a stable revenue system for quality content with good production values.

Asked how OTT platforms are contributing to the entertainment business, Vikram said  "I think people are ready to pay if the content is worth investing. The whole idea of encouraging and coming up with OTT platform is to make a stable revenue generating model for entertainment industry on digital platform."

"In the advent of technology, one can shoot content using a smartphone or iPhone but to get a certain amount of quality and production value of a content whether it is a short film, a web series, we have to invest money for production."

"I do not want people who are working with me on a production to get any less payment because the content is going on a digital platform and not on the silver screen. That is why OTT platforms are the best to get revenues," said the director of films like Raaz and Ghulam.

Mentioning how good a response he is getting from the audience, he said: "My web series ‘Untouchables', which is streaming, is getting subscribers every day and after watching the show they said we should price it high. Now, one can watch the series by paying Rs 18."

Considering the fact that YouTube is one of the digital platforms where people can watch content for free, is the Indian audience getting used to the practice of paying to watch online entertainment?

"Yes, of course people are changing their mentality...and feedbacks from my show, I am confident about it. It is the matter of quality on which we are ready to invest," said Vikram. – Indian Express