The ruling party in Tamil Nadu, AIADMK, has unveiled the names and emblem of the Television Channels that it is planning to launch shortly.

The new channel launch was due to the parties strained relationship with Jaya TV, which used to be the parties Propaganda Vehicle until recent times. Jaya TV turned hostile after the ouster of Sasikala and her family from AIADMK during the aftermath of the demise of Late Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. The ownership control of Jaya TV rests with TTV Dinakaran and other relatives of Sasikala.

Apparently, AIADMK is planning to launch four new channels namely, JTV, NewsJ, MusicJ, MoviesJ. Out of the four JTV will be the General Entertainment Channel in Tamil and other channels focuses on Music (MusicJ), Movies (MoviesJ) and News&Current affairs (NewsJ).

The ownership of the channel is likely to be held by the senior leaders of the party and their relatives. A senior minister is shuttling between Chennai and Delhi to speed up the process.

The website of the news channel will be, which just has a home page as of now. The channels are expected to start broadcasting in the next three months, and behind-the-scenes work, including recruitment, has been going on for several months.

However, it seems the Channel name Amma TV was turned down by MIB authorities and apparently that forced the party leaders to settle for JTV in remembrance of their Late General Secretary Jayalalitha.

With the availability of state owned Arasu Cable TV, the distribution of the channels will be a cakewalk for all the party and it will be ably to get placed in other platforms also without much ado due to the cross ownership interests.

It may be noted that during mid 90’s the party has JJTV that was shut down within few years due to various violations in import and export of components and other areas.

Recently, AIADMK has launched NamadhuAmma newspaper as the control over Dr. Namadhu MGR newspaper also rests with TTV Dinakaran and Sasikala’s family. – TV News4U