Abhishek Maheshwari - Disney IndiaFor Hollywood animation movies in India, 2016 is already turning out to be a blockbuster year in terms of brand associations. Disney Pixar's latest release has struck gold with a record 16 brands partnering with the movie for promotions, marketing, and merchandising relationships. The associations account for about '20 crore worth of media value for the studio.

With the growing popularity of the genre among Indian audiences, brands are increasingly turning to animated movies and the studios, in turn, are cranking up the volume on promotions, licensing, and merchandising opportunities in the country. With as many as six animated films slated to release in 2016, four of them part of popular franchises, brands seem to be eager to exploit this opportunity.

"Animated films have a direct affinity with kids and families worldwide and India is no different. For Finding Dory, this is the first time that 16 brands have associated with an animated film in the country, which goes to show the potential in the licensing and merchandising (L&M) space."