Toon Boom Animation has released Harmony 14. With new tools for artists and an enhanced 3-D workflow, the release of Harmony 14 streamlines creative development and the animation workflow. Available in three editions - essentials, advanced, and premium - Harmony is the ideal solution for artists creating feature films, episodic series, games development, webisodes, and explainer videos.

The 3-D toolset within Harmony 14 provides creative teams the freedom to develop projects which would have been impossible in the past on a television budget. By placing this power in the hands of the artists, new creative ways to reduce costs, while not compromising on the creative, are being discovered through these tools. Deep image compositing is taking quality to a new level when user renders 2-D with 3-D in Harmony. Support for rendered images from Arnold and Renderman that include deep pixel information allows artists to seamlessly composite 2-D characters with 3-D elements.

Animate 3-D streamlines production with new tools to animate 3-D models and their individual parts directly in Harmony - no more back and forth with 3-D software. Artists have more creative control when integrating 3-D elements with 2-D characters in a unified environment.

Sync Layer for drawings is more efficient when animating rig with unlimited art layers that are always in sync. Great for advanced rigs and effect creation, Sync Layer is a simple but powerful way for artists to build the look they want, using as many layers as they need. Outline mode reveals drawings that are behind other layers without losing reference to the drawing above. This enhancement provides a better and faster way for artists to work in.

Harmony 14 software is now available for customers with desktop subscription or a perpetual license with support. Free, full-featured trials of Harmony are available online.