Earth Station Antennae

Principals Distributers Offerings Features
Arraycom India Ltd   Earth Stations Earth stations for digital Audio/ Video up-linking in  fully redundant configuration includes Direct to Home (DTH) uplinking, Cable TV  Head End etc.
CPI-ASC Signal Decibel Technologies 9.4 Meter ESA

The 9.4 meter Earth Station Antenna provides high gain and  exceptional pattern characteristics.
          The electrical performance and exceptional versatility provides the ability to  configure the antenna with your choice of linearly- or circularly- polarized 2-  or 4- port combining networks.
          This features a computeroptimized dual reflector Gregorian optics system and  close-tolerance manufacturing techniques.


Rugged aluminum  and steel construction
            Superior  Pointing Accuracy
            Advanced  Gregorian optics
            3-Year Warranty  on all Structural Components
            Configured for  C-Band, X-Band, Ku-Band

        K-Band transmit and receive
9.3 Meter ESA

9.3 meter Earth Station Antenna provides high gain and  exceptional pattern characteristics. It provides extremely accurate surface  contour resulting in exceptionally high gain and closely controlled pattern  characteristics.


Rugged aluminum  and steel construction
              Horizon to  horizon coverage with elevation over azimuth mount
              Advanced  Gregorian optics

          Intelsat B compliant
7.6 Meter ESA

The 7.6 meter Earth Station Antenna provides high gain and  exceptional pattern characteristics.
            The 7.6 M is capable of operation at C-, X-, Ku- and K- bands with the  selection of feed and combiner systems.
            The versatile tripod mount, features 180 Deg azimuth coverage in three  contiguous 120 Deg overlapping ranges, and 85 Deg continuous elevation adjustment


Rugged aluminum  and steel construction
              Superior  Pointing Accuracy
              A  computer-optimized dual reflector Gregorian system
              Deep Equipment  Enclosure
              3 year warranty  on all structural components
              ITU-R S.580 and  S-465
              U.S. FCC  Regulation 25.209
              Russian Homologation  Certificate # OC/1-AO-136

          Intelsat E-3, F-3
4.5 Meter Tripod Mount ESA

The  4.5 meter Earth Station Antenna provides high gain and exceptional pattern  characteristics. This antenna system is used worldwide in broadcast  applications and high density data, voice and communications networks.


Self-aligning  main reflector requires no field alignment
              Prime focus  feed system optics
              Fully-shaped  parabolic main reflector provide excellent pattern characteristics
              3 year warranty  on all structural components

          C, X, Ku Band Capabilities

The  NGC Antenna Control System is an advanced level antenna control system intended  for applications with demanding tracking requirements, complex geometries, and  dynamic conditions. The NGC-IDU features a SmarTrack® predictive tracking mode  that utilizes a patented Three-Point Peak Algorithm that saves wear on the  antenna motors and jacks.The NGC system is physically divided into an Indoor  Unit (NGC-IDU) and an Outdoor Unit (NGC-ODU), connected by a dedicated  multimode optical fiber link.


Graphical User  Interface
              Open, Standards  Based Platform
              Connectivity  & Control
              Flexible  Modular Upgrade Architecture

          Fiber Optic Interfacility Link

The  ODU is housed in a NEMA 4X aluminum enclosure and is designed to be mounted  directly onto the antenna structure, minimizing the cable length to motors,  limit switches and position encoders.


Variable Speed  motor control
    Support for  stepper motor type Polarization rotators
    Support for Sub  Reflector Tracking
    Support for  outdoor equipment redundancy control, removing the need for   additional controllers and cables
    Interfaces to  the NGC-IDU (Indoor Unit) via fiber optic Inter-Facility Link,  providing lightning protection to the  NGC-IDU.
    Emergency Stop  switch
    Advanced  handheld terminal
    Embedded  firmware is updated via USB ports located inside the ODU
    Onboard LEDs  and seven segment displays

    Support for an optional Antenna Warning Light system
Sat-Lite Technologies Decibel Technologies MODEL  1227 & 1247 Avion
1.2 Meter Manual & Motorized Flyaway Antennas

Model 1227 Avion Manual flyaway antenna and Model 1247  Avion Motorized flyaway antenna is highly portable and designed to meet IATA  weight and dimension requirements for checked baggage on airlines.


Ships in 2 Ruggedized All Weather IATA Compliant Cases
              Intelsat and Eutelsat Compliant (using appropriate Feed)
              Multi-Band Configurations
              7 Segment Carbon Fiber Precision
              Compact Pedestal featuring easy point and peak control
              High Gain/Low Cross Pol Design

          Extremely  Rugged/Reliable
1.2 Meter Motorized Vehicle-Mount Antenna

Model 1256 vehicle-mount antenna is a high performance  design for VSAT or SNG applications in a compact design. Key features include a  low stow height configuration and compact pedestal minimizing vehicle  constraints. Also included is an integrated auto-locate controller with manual  override. The integrated control system includes an option for a programmable  digital video receiver that can be used to positively identify the satellite  and automatically peak the antenna.


Includes Sat-Lite Cirrus ACU for efficient auto acquisition  using DVB-S2, GPS & Compass
              DVB Receiver Interface for Positive Satellite ID
              High Performance Composite Reflector
              Handcrank for all 3 Axes Included
              15-1/4” Stow Height and Space-Optimizing Stowed Configuration
              Designed for Boom Mounted Single Thread Integration Packages up  to 30 lbs

          Intelsat/  FCC/Eutelsat Compliance Options using appropriate feeds
1.8 Meter Motorized Vehicle-Mount SNG Antenna

Model 1841 vehicle-mount antenna is a robust and  light-weight precision antenna designed for the most demanding high power  broadband applications. This antenna features a carbon fiber composite  reflector and aluminum backbeam structure designed to provide exceptional  performance in a lightweight package. The custom- designed  elevation-over-azimuth cable drive pedestal provides superior stiffness with  minimal backlash and maintenance.


Intelsat and Eutelsat Compliant (with Appropriate Feed)
              Multi-Band C, X, Ku or Ka band Frequencies
              Multiple Integration Options
              Integrated Controller with Tracking Options Available
              Carbon Fiber Reflector with Precision Aluminum Backbeam Structure
              Low Profile and Space- Optimizing Stow Position
              Cable Drive Positioning System
              Superior Stability in Wind
              Excellent Reliability

          Minimal  Maintenance
1231  AGILIS
1.2 Meter Motorized Carbon Fiber Flyaway Antenna

The Sat-Lite Technologies Model 1231 motorized flyaway  antenna is highly portable, compact, light- weight, and can be assembled by one  person in less than 15 minutes. The antenna features a 4 piece segmented carbon  fiber composite reflector designed to provide exceptional performance in a  lightweight package. The motorized elevation-over-azimuth pedestal provides  excellent stiffness characteristics and convenience for the user when pointing  and peaking on a satellite. The antenna packs is 3 ruggedized shipping cases  and includes options for integration kits.


Intelsat and Eutelsat Compliant
              Multi-Band X, Ku or Ka band Capable
              4 Piece Segmented Carbon Fiber Reflector
              Compact Pedestal featuring easy point and peak control
              Ships in 3 Ruggedized Cases
              High Gain / Low Cross Pol Design
              Superior Stability in Wind
              Multiple Integration Options
              Excellent Reliability

          Minimal  Maintenance
2432  Celero
2.4 Meter Motorized Flyaway Antenna

Model 2432 Celero  motorized transportable antenna offers excellent performance in a high value  package. This antenna features a 4 piece segmented reflector and custom design  fully motorized elevation-over-azimuth tripod pedestal that can be assembled in  approximately 15 minutes. The azimuth and elevation drives provide a full range  of motion to make use of the auto-locate features of the controller without  repositioning or reconfiguring the pedestal or reflector once fully assembled.  The modular design also allows for existing manual drive antennas to be  upgraded to a motorized configuration.


Intelsat Compliant
    Multi-Band C, X, Ku band Frequencies
    Multiple Integration Options
    2 Axis Motorized Pedestal Configuration
    Motorized Polarization For Linear Feeds
    Full range of motion for Azimuth. Makes full use of auto-locate  control options.
    Excellent Reliability
    Minimal Maintenance
    Less than 20 min Assembly Time
    Captive Hardware

    Feedboom  Mounted Integration with heavy payload