Cables, Connectors and Assemblies

Principals Distributers Offerings Features
Belden Comcon Video  Cables SD/HD/3G/4K  SDI cables for the broadcast. RG6 and RG11 for RF applications. Camera Coax and  Snake cables, Extra flexible cables.
Audio  Cables Line  Level cables for analog and digital audio, Speaker cables, Mic cables,  multicore snake cables.
Networking  CAT5/6 cables Shield  and unshielded CAT 5/5e/6 cables with complete patch panel and IO ports.
Fiber  Optic Solutions Complete  range of transport solutions on fiber optic.
HDMI  Assemblies High  reliability HDMI cables of various lengths for high quality connectivity.
Canare Electric India   L-4E5AT Offers  to effectively reduce noise levels to 1/10 that of general-purpose, 2-conductor  shielded cables.
L-2B2AT Two-conductor  shielded cables (single), available in Jacket colors of Gray, Black.
2S7F 16  AWG 2 Core Speaker Cable.
S410-4P Multichannel  speaker cables in Jacket color of Gray.
DA206 AES/EBU  digital audio cables,in Jacket color of Blue.
Data Video   CB-47 50  M all in One Video Cable Set, 1 x BNC (HD-SDI compatible) and 5-pin XLRfor  talkback and tally.
CB-60 HDMI  active optical cable with low power consumption and low cost.
Finolex   Finvul-X Used  as the insulating material suitable for LT (upto 1100 Volts) applications.  It is thermoset type polymer enriched with  crosslinking agent.
XLPE  insulation Withstand  continuous conductor temperature of 90 degree C. Offers  low power losses.
Coaxial Coaxial  cables with electrolytic grade solid bare copper conductor, gas injected  physical polyethelene foam insulation, with laminated alluminuim tape and Al. Wire  braid, Jelly flooded and PVC Jacketing in black color.
Multimode Offers  consistency and flexibility. It can support multiple voice, data, video and  multimedia systems.10 Gigabit applications are run on optimized multimode fiber  optic and can transmit data up to 500 meters without need for node  re-interpretation.
CCTV The  2 or 3 number of electric wires in this hybrid type cables are used for  powering the cameras. The communication cables are  like RG 6/ RG 59 or any other type as per the  customer specification and electric cables are from sizes 0.15 to 2.5 mm2 as  per the specifications depending on the load.
Percon Jayansh Impex AK  322 Analog  audio cable multicore shielded, low capacity.  Double screen 100 percent  polished copper spiral.
AK  242 Analog  audio cable multicore shielded, low capacity. Double screen 100 percent  polished copper spiral.
AK  122 Multi-screen  analogue audio cable, low capacity. Double screen 100 percent polished  copper spiral.
RG  58 A / U RF  analog video cable of 50 ohms. It is used for applications of equipment,  rack, installation, etc.
RG  214 A / U 50  ohms analog radio frequency cable. It is used for applications of  equipment, rack, installation, etc.
RF Design Praniskom C195  Flexible  coaxial RF cable suitable for HF through WLAN bands. Its outside diameter,  0.195″ (5 mm),black PE and shielding, 90dB is sold per meter.
C400 Flexible  coaxial RF cable suitable for HF through WLAN bands. Its outside diameter, 0.405″  (10 mm), black PE, shielding,  90dB and  attenuation is 6.6 dB/100′ at 2.4 GHz.
RG-174/U Its  outside diameter, 0.110″ (2.8 mm), jacket material is PVC-IIA, shielding, 40 dB  and attenuation is 75 dB/100′ at 2.4 GHz.
RG-58/U Its  outside diameter, 0.195″ (5 mm), jacket material is PVC-IIA, shielding, 40  dB and attenuation is 35 dB/100′ at 2.4 GHz.