Principals Distributers Offerings Features
Bharat Electronics Ltd.   DSNG  Mobile System MPEG-2/DVB  compliant, C, Ku and dual band options, 1:1 hot redundancy; single thread also  possible. Build in diesel generator with change over facility through UPS, roof  mounted antenna with 3 axes ACU and auto–pointing software.
Gilat   DSNG Designed  to offer in-transit broadcast of continuous live video via RaySat 2-way, which  enable to reach extreme locations that and   to reach and broadcast from hard-to-access locations.
Indiasign   DSNG  Vans Available  in both C & KU-Band, compact design to provide space for utilities &  equipment, can be customized as per client requirement. Offer rental services  on occasional & long term contracts. DSNG vans equipped with auto-pointing  antenna system supported by GPS & Compass, 40/100 W RF equipment, MPEG-4/2  compression, audio/video monitor, air-conditioner, generator, and UPS.