Principals Distributers Offerings Features
Axon   UTAH-400/32 Housed  in a compact, 2 RU frame that includes dual power supplies and dual  crosspoint/controller cards,  offers  matrix sizes from 8x8 to 32x32.
UTAH-400/64 Used  for the lower end of the mid-size matrix applications. Housed in a compact, 4  RU frame that includes dual  power  supplies.
UTAH-400/144 Used  for the upper end of the range of mid-size  router applications. Housed in a compact, 9 RU frame, including dual power  supplies and dual controller cards. It offers   support matrix sizes from 8x8 to 144x144.
UTAH-400/288 Used  for large matrix size applications. Housed in a compact, 16 RU frame, the  UTAH-400/288 will support matrix sizes from 8x8 to 288x288.
UTAH-400  Series 2 fiber Consists  of input and output cards which carry 8 or 12 signals each- depending on the  router architecture, internal connector cards that hold the electrical/optical  and optical/electrical converter blocks, and   rear-panel assemblies that provide access for the external fibers to the  converter blocks.
Cisco   Cisco  5915 ESR Based  on PC/104 form-factor industry standards. It offers to take advantage of future  capabilities using the existing hardware.
Cisco  5921 ESR Provides  on-demand network connectivity for various applications. It offers portability,  security to protect the network and data transmitted over the network and  streaming multicast video support.
Cisco  5940 ESR 3U compact PCI router card that supports multiple  applications while running concurrently over wired or wireless networks solves  critical size, weight, and power challenges. Offers onboard hardware encryption  to offload encryption processing from the router.
Cisco  MWR-2941DC Offers  mobile operators to  lower operating  expenses by optimizing, aggregating, and transporting traffic over T1/E1,  Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, and IP networks. Built-in switch processor supporting  six GE ports (4 RJ-45, 2 SFP) and support for selected 2800/3800 High-Speed WAN  Interface Cards (HWICs).
GatesAir   Flexiva™  VMXpress IP Provides  16 or 32 audio inputs and outputs for integration with the VMConnected Network  digital studio network.Analog Models, 8 stereo inputs/outputs and 8 stereo  inputs/outputs plus 32 channels bidirectional logic control.
Flexiva  VistaVue™ Provides  a choice of two user interfaces and flexible access rights that can be defined  for each user. Displays all audio network sources and destinations, or only  those for which the user has rights. Compact view with single pull-down menus  for sources and destinations.
Flexiva  VMQuadra™ Interfaces  with up to four automation computers, providing up to four stereo input streams  and four stereo output streams for each.Software drivers are available for all  major automation systems including Broadcast Electronics, ENCO Systems,  iMediaTouch, WideOrbit, RCS/Prophet Systems and others.
Flexiva™  VMConnect Supports  up to four studios, expandable with optional frame cards to 12 studios. Base  management of 192 bidirectional stereo audio and associated logic channels can  be expanded to 320 or 448 channels.
Grass Valley   Convergent It  works with commercial off the shelf (COTS) switches that controls GV Node IP  processing/routing platform and SDI routers. Supports industry  audio/video-over-IP standards, including SMPTE ST 2022-6, and works transparently.
Convergent It  works with commercial off the shelf (COTS) switches that controls GV Node IP  processing/routing platform and SDI routers. Supports industry  audio/video-over-IP standards, including SMPTE ST 2022-6, and works  transparently.
Imagine Communications   Platinum  VX Video Offers  matrix sizes from 16x16 to 288x288 in four different frame sizes:
1RU (16x16 HD-BNC as standard with SFP cages for expansion to 32x32)
2RU (48x48 and 72x72 HD-BNC)
4RU (144x144 modular I/O with optional SFP connectivity)
8RU (288x288 modular I/O with optional SFP connectivity)
Platinum  IP3 router An  SDI router with the option of an integrated multiviewer modules, the IP3 router  handles all SD and HD SDI signal formats, including 4K/UHD by bundling 4 signal  paths.  Available in 15RU and 28RU.  It supports mixed-signal routing (SD, HD, 3  Gb/s, audio and data paths), Mux/Demux 16 channels of audio per video stream,  optional eight-channel frame sync input card for wild feed ingest and audio  shuffling, as well as demultiplexing of up to 16 channels of embedded audio in  each video stream, integration with the Platinum SX Pro multiviewer.
Ross Video VTIPL NK-3G144 Scalable  144×144 router,compact size,data rates 143Mb/s to 3Gb/s, handles 3G/HD/SD SDI  and DVB-ASI and supports SMPTE 259M, 292M, 344M and 424M.
NK-3G  Utility  Series Data  rates 143Mb/s to 3Gb/s, handles 3G/HD/SD SDI and DVB-ASI. Supports SMPTE 259  M,  292 M, 344 M and 424 M, 64x64  expandable to 72x72.
NK-3G-RCP  Series 3G/HD/SD  SDI utility routers with built-in control panels, self-contained routing  matrix  and RCP-NK1 control panel,1RU  panel/router combination. No external control system required, available on 16×16  and 16×4 SDI routers.
NK-V  Series Analog  video router series, compact size, wide band  with 230MHz bandwidth. Suitable for NTSC   PAL, RGB, YUV, bi-level and tri-level reference routing. Supports  standard definition, high-definition and wide band display signals 16×4, 16×16,  32×32 fixed sizes.
Ultrix Compact  routing switcher platform capable of  switching video signals from 270 Mb/s  to  12 Gb/s. Its deign permits users to software license additional capabilities  such as advanced audio  processing,  integrated multi-viewers, and 12 Gb/s signal-switching.