Video on Demand

Principals Distributers Offerings Features
Ericsson Horizon Broadcast Video Storage and Processing Platform Offers grid management suite, resource for server clusters, media workflow framework. Integrated processing for ingest, transcoding, transforming, and delivery shared file systems. Enables tracking issues as they occur in production.
Newtek CDM Technologies Tricaster 8OOO Provides content publishing hub, delivers broadcast operations. 8 M/E, router-extensible 24-channel video switching with audio mixer, titles, warping transitions, buffers, DSK and DVE effects and mirroring with remote control of redundant system. 3D visual effects, holographic virtual sets, graphics and transitions to fit any brand.
XOR Media   CDN Designed to provide high bandwidth delivery of all video formats, stored and live. It dlivers innovations of high-density solid-state disk servers, integrated with advances in data caching which provide flexibility, scalability, efficiency, reliability, and broad media compatibility.