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DVEO Traxvision India ARQ Link™ HD IP OR ASI ARQ Error Correction enabled Encoder and Decoder for delivering HDSDI over dedicated or public internet Real-time, Linux® based, remotely manageable, 24/7 High Quality .3-15 Mbps H.264/AVC Encoder and Decoder pair with 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, or SDI input and output with Dozer Enabled UDP IP in between.  Two channel audio. Matching decoder supports UDP input and converts the compressed digital video and audio into HD-SDI or SDI, or optional HDMI or ASI, output. 
Ateme Traxvision India TITAN Live TITAN© Live is a high-video-quality, high-density software-compression solution, designed for Cable, DTH, OTT Live delivery of SD, HD and Ultra HD content. TITAN Live is a True virtualized software based solution, pure CPU solution, hardware agnostic, running on any OS: Linux, Windows and Virtual Machine.