Power Distribution Units

Principals Distributers Offerings Features
TSL Products Pranav Mediatech Vertical PDUs Alarming system, real-time measurement and reporting within a new vertical form factor. PDUs have IP connectivity via an in-built web browser and can communicate to external logging equipment via SNMP, allowing users to control and monitor the power across the entire facility.

Audio Monitoring Units

TSL Products Pranav Mediatech AMU1-CHD+ 1RU, 2 x HD/SDI, 2 x stereo analogue, 4 x AES inputs,dual 26 segment bargraphs, high-quality internal stereo loudspeakers, external PSU.
AMU1-3G Non Dolby 1RU, 2 x HD/SDI(1080p 60, 59.94, & 50Hz) 2 x stereo analogue inputs, 4 x AES inputs, dual 26 segment bargraphs, internal stereo loudspeakers, external PSU.
AMU1-3G 1RU, 2 x HD/SDI(1080p 60, 59.94, & 50Hz), Dolby D/E decoding, 2 x stereo analogue inputs, 4 x AES inputs, dual 26 segment bargraphs, external PSU.
AMU1-BHD+ 1RU, 2 x HD/SDI, 2 x stereo analogue, 4 x AES inputs, dual 106 segment bargraphs, external PSU.
PAM1 AVB Precision audio monitoring systems while specifically addressing the needs of an Audio-over-IP AVB facility infrastructure.
PAM2 AVB Offers  an Audio-over-IP AVB facility infrastructure.

Signal Processing

Sonifex Comcon Distribution Amplfier High-quality standalone distribution amplifiers for various signal types - Analog Audio, Digital Audio, Headphone audio, 5.1 monitoring, HD SDI Video.
Telephone Hybrids Single and dual line units for telephone interfacing with GSM support. Avaialble with analog and DSP processing.
Radio Capture Cards AM and FM capture cards for radio logging on PCI/e bus - 6 station, upto 32 stations from one card.
Sound Cards PCI/e AES I/O sound cards for professional playout systems as well as production studios. Analog model also available.
Audio Converters Analog - Digital, Balanced - Unbalanced, in various combinations.
RF Design Praniskom L-Band Switch Matrix / Routers
L-Band Active Splitters Combiners
L-Band Amplifiers
Spectrum Analyzer
Line Amplifiers

The Latest K7 L-Band Switch Matrix is the most advanced L-Band router and provides host of advanced features like

 Unique expansion concept via integrated cascading concept and do not require any external splitter/combiner.
10.4 inch front panel touch screen Display for extensive front panel monitoring and control

Built-in Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Quality Analyzer for monitoring and measurement of most relevant RF and DVB-S / S2 like RF-power, C/N, channel-power, MER, BER, freq-drift, symbol rate-drift, Network-ID, Service-ID, Service-Type and Service provider name.


Adtec Traxvision India RD 71 Adtec Digital’s RD 71 is a SD, HD and 1080P59.94/50 IRD supporting MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC/H.264, multi CHROMA 4:2:0 / 4:2:2 and 10-bit. With support for very low latency decoding, an array of IP transport capabilities and DVB-S2X demodulation, the RD-71 is versatile and reliable.
 RD-30 The RD-30 is a standard and high definition IRD that supports MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC/H.264. Interoperable with encoders industry-wide, the RD-30 is ideal for mission critical trunking, ad-hoc OB, DSNG and teleport applications. The clean Web User Interface.
Crypton Ltd. Traxvision India Professional 8-channel DVB-S2 receiver CRT1081IRD-S2-IP CRT1081IRD-S2-IP is a compact size 8-channel integrated receiver decoder. It combines 8 full featured DVB-S2 receivers with Common Interface for descrambling services, ASI output interfaces and 1Gbit Ethernet port for transport of DVB services over IP networks, all in one 1U case. Such a compact and high integrated solution lets you build your network central station with an exceptional efficiency.


Crypton Ltd. Traxvision India Compact size 8-channel multiplexing DVB-S2 Receiver CRT1081IRD-S2-MX CRT1081IRD-S2-MX is a compact-size eight channel DVB-S2 integrated receiver decoder with embedded four channel DVB remultiplexer. The device consists of 8 full featured DVB-S/S2 receivers, 4 DVB-ASI input interfaces, flexibly configurable 8-channel Common Interface for descrambling services and 4-channel DVB remultiplexer with DVB EPG processor, DVB-ASI and DVB-over-IP outputs, all in one 19-inch, 1U case.

Multi-Platform Content Delivery

Avid Interplay   It unifies and simplifies content distribution to a diverse community of channels and devices through workflow automation  in the right format for each. It offers to link all resolution and format versions, maintain version control, enable smart media deletion, and support workflows in a wide range of resolutions and formats.


Conax Multi-DRM   Used in multi-screen services,unified configuration of DRM with consistent business rules across all devices and networks. Further flexibility is provided by the use of open standards such as HTML5 and encrypted media extensions), and an agnostic approach to streaming formats such as HLS, smooth streaming, and MPEG DASH.