Principals Offerings
Panasonic Complete range of Audio Video Professional & Broadcast Equipment, such as hand held ENG cameras based both on P2 & AVCHD technology , P2 Shoulder mount Cameras, 2K & 4K Studio & OB Cameras, PTZ and Robotic Cameras systems with suitable Cameras, LED & LCD monitors, monitor walls, Projectors , video production switchers, Sports & Entertainment Solutions etc.
 Hitachi Broadcast and Studio Production Cameras, Multi-Format 4K & HD Digital HDTV Production Camera / Studio & OB Cameras, Box Cameras for Robotic and other special applications, Microwave systems, OB Van and DSNG van solutions.
 Ross Video Complete range of Video Production Switchers, Computer Graphic Solutions , Video/ Audio peripherals &  Gears for Broadcasting Infrastructures,  Robotics for virtual studios augmented realities and Parliament & Assemblies, Social Media Management System, video/Audio / Machine control  Routers, MCR solutions and Production Automation Systems.
 Datavideo Mobile Video Studios,  Mixer - Switchers,  Audio Mixing and Management, Chroma keyers & Virtual studios, Converters, LCD Monitors, Recorders, Character Generators, Teleprompters, PTZ Camera and Control, Intercom Systems, Test Equipment, Time Base Correctors, Firewire Scan Converters, Repeaters and Distribution for educational, religious , industrial  and broadcasting  applications.
 Harman Audio Mixer, Audio Monitors, Microphones and Other Audio Solution. Stage lights and its controls, office automation.
 AVIWEST World’s leading providers of video contribution uplink systems for live streaming over bonded 3G/4G cellular networks.
 SpacePath High-Power Amplifiers (HPA).
 Portabrace Carrying Cases for Camera.
 Furukawa HOFC Cables, Connectors & Accessories.
 Powerange Batteries & Power Supplies.
 IDX Batteries and Camera-mount Lights.
 Fujifilm High Technology lenses for Cameras (Fujinon) and Professional Tapes (Fujifilm).
 Tiffen Photographic Filters and lens accessories, Flash Brackets, Camera Gear, etc.
 Libec Camera Support Systems / Tripods for TV Studios, OB van and ENG applications. Sliders and jibs for  TV content production.
 Azden Microphones - Shotgun, Stereo, UHF Wireless, VHF Wireless, Infrared Wireless and Field Mixers.
 AVT High class Telephone Hybrid System and audio codecs for Studio Transmitter linkage.
 Century Optics  (Schneider Optics) Lens and Filters.
 Avitech Multiviewers, Converters with scalers, extenders, and encoders.
 Cuescript Teleprompters.
 Apantac Screen Splitters / Multi Viewers.
 Ruige High quality 4K ,2K, HD Monitors, View finders , reference monitors, mobile monitors for field application specially design for outdoor film shootings.
 SAV Digital Keyers, Logo Generators, Kronoss, Multiplexers & Synchronizer.
 Riedel Intercommunication Systems for TV studio, TV Channel operations and other critical applications. Company of Formula race fame. Real Time networks for Video, Audio  Communications and data transport.
 Elti Radio and TV Transmitters, UHF & VHF Antennas, FM Antennas. Digital DVB-T & DVB T2  TV Transmitters, FM Transmitters, Combiners, Rigid lines, Adapters, divider’s and connector’s.
 Lowel Lighting Solutions for field and studio applications.
 Steadicam Camera Stabilizing Systems.
 Canare Professional Cables, Connectors, Tools etc.
 Harmonic Media Servers, Active Storage & Application Services, Compression Chain Equipment
 Quantum Storage and Archive Solutions.
 eMAM Media Asset Management (MAM) Solutions.
 Aveco Automation and Content Management Solutions.
 Octopus Newsroom Automation Systems.
 Actus Broadcast Media Monitoring and Logger.
 AVL Satellite Television Transmission Antennae and Control Systems.
 Axcera Television Transmitters.