Principals Distributers Offerings Features
Axon   SynView Modular multiviewer that can handle both 4K and any IP video format. Offers external looping for an unlimited amount of input channels with its modular architecture.
Decimator Design Setron India Pvt. Ltd. Multiviewers MC-DMON-9S 1 to 9 channel (3G/HD/SD)-SDI multiviewer with custom layouts. Support both 3G level A and B on the input and output. Allowing conversion between 3G level A and B.
DMON-16SL 1 to 16 channel multiviewer with HDMI output for 3G/HD/SD and custom layouts incorporates fast switching between inputs using full-screen scaling.
DMON-12S is  a low-cost miniature (3G/HD/SD)-SDI 1 to 12 channel multiviewer or 12 to 1 input multiplexer. Features  fast switching between inputs using full-screen scaling and selectable output format in both full-screen and multiviewer mode.
DMON-6S support both 3G level A and B on the input and output allowing conversion between 3G level A and B.
DMON-4S Includes 4 independent mini HDMI outputs that can each output any of the four (3G/HD/SD) - SDI inputs or a multi-view of all of them.
Grass Valley   Kaleido-MX Pre-configured for simple and easy installation, available in a wide choice of configurations for high-end in-studio TV production, outside broadcast trucks and master control playout operations.
Kaleido-MX 4K Offers 4K pictures for monioring on large 4K screens, hot swappable modules and power supplies, 1 RU and 3 RU frame models.
Imagine Communications   EPIC Multiviewer EPICTM MV is a software-based, UHD-ready multiviewer that provides broadcasters with a single canvas for all signal types and a seamless transition path to an all-IP future. It features 48 HD ST 2022-6/7 optional inputs per 2RU; 2 UHD/4 1080p displays; Option to double display capacity; H264 and MPEG2 CODECs standard compressed linear decode standard; High VQ and rich graphics capabilities;  Strong tally/UMD support Advanced content-based alarming Rules Engine for MBE behaviours; Dynamic display regions; PIP copies and sharing between devices and much more.
Matrox Computer Infinite MicroQuad Offers to monitor up to four 3G-SDI inputs or four HD-SDI inputs or four SD-SDI inputs, taking non-genlocked SDI signals and synchronize both video and audio on the HDMI output. Allows to  use the selection border in quadrant view to select the audio source to be sent to the HDMI display.
Satcom Elektronics(P) Ltd.   Multiviewer Apantac product line is designed to provide users with a flexible and innovative technology solution for image processing, and signal extension and processing while maintaining the finest detail with complete audio monitoring.
SWIT Electronics Co. Ltd.   S-9104+ SDI to HDMI quad split viewer, 4-channel HD/SD-SDI input and 4-channel HD/SD-SDI loop output.Quad-view output via HDMI and SDI, FPGA 10-bit processing, support HD and SD mixed inputs.
S-9204 4 SDI multiviewer and switcher channel HD/SD-SDI input and 4-channel HD/SD-SDI loop output. Multiview output via HDMI, quad-split, full screen, and PGM/PVW display mode.