Media Asset Management

Principals Distributers Offerings Features
4CPlus CMS Computers Media Asset Management DAMS is digital asset magagement with 4C-DAMSTM digital asset management for articles, images, audio-video files, tapes and PDF.
Database backup and restore facility available.
Multiple library locations.
Aveco   Media Asset Management System Astra MAM enables site-wide or multi-site desktop management for all high-res and low-res content. The system provides a common database and a set of tools for all Astra applications.
Avid   Asset Management Interplay MAM manages the entire lifecycle of content, making it easy to browse and retrieve media across multiple tiers of storage for reuse or repurposing.
MAM Foundation is a solution that utilizes Interplay MAM technology to deliver key workflows covering the most common access, media operations, and asset protection for an organization.
Interplay production lets user manage content creation, automate workflows, and empower collaboration.
Dalet Ideal Broadcasting Media Asset Management Dalet Galaxy minimizes the amount of work needed for day-to-day operations by providing a wide range of back-office services such as media services and metadata services.
Dalet Media Life is a scalable MAM-based solution built on Dalet Galaxy MAM platform. This combination manages all media files and associated metadata with deep integration with different brands of NLEs and third party-systems such as video servers or archiving platforms.
Empress Media Asset Management SRSG Media Asset Management eMAM Enterprise is a intuitive eMAM interface which enables user to move content to different internal and external locations and archive with transcoding as needed.
eMAM Vault combines digital asset management, transcoding, and LTO library management into a single scalable system. High speed transcoding allows users to make numerous formats as required and deliver to editing systems.
eMAM Workgroup is flexible workflow solution for small and medium organizations.
eMAMOnline organizes file upload and download , metadata tagging, online media library and secures content for different users.
Etere Pte Ltd. AVF Media Asset Management Etere solutions manage the end-to-end media lifecycle of broadcast and media enterprises.
Grass Valley CDM Technologies Media Asset Management GV  Stratus is a full set of production tools in one application designed for simplicity, efficiency and speed, with this system,  user can manage entertainment, on-air operations and news production media workflows.
Imagine Communications   Media Asset Management Nexio® Insight™ enables user to control  media transformation by making it possible to develop new products and services with a shorter time to market.
Nexio® Motion™ is a integration and workflow enablement platform for storage and playout solution. Preview, cut and move material across countless storage devices and efficiently manage content from acquisition to distribution.
Karthavya Technologies Pvt. Ltd.   Media Asset Management QuickEdge MAM Supports multiple production storages across different platforms & protocols. Cross platform client supports both Windows & MAC.
Media Guru   Media Asset Management Offers services for broadcasters looking at organizing their content with a view to manage and monetize it in future.
Netia CDM Media Assist Suite Offers simultaneous access to several modules: from a single application, the user can record, edit or prepare a playlist. The suite allows users to record, edit, or prepare content for broadcast and distribution.
Planetcast   Media Asset Management The solution creates centralized repository for media files that allows the content to be archived, searched, and retrieved.  Some key features are LTO support , EDL support, media preview, user-defined rules and layouts and transcoding of video clips.
Play-Out and Content Management Features of these services include file based playouts in SD, HD or 3D including content & playlist acquisition, QC, Storage, Frame accurate playout with versatile automation systems, complex multi-layer graphics overlays, DV effects, with compliance recording.
Prime Focus Technologies   Cloud Media Asset Management Hybrid Cloud offers MAM application on the cloud while content lies with user.
Cloud platform provides users with their own space, as native as on-premise instance – with access to custom workflows and data models.
Primestream   Content Navigator(MAM) Fork MAM is cross-platform allowing Mac and Windows users to browse proxy and quickly turnaround sound bites, VOs, and highlights right at their desktops with the FORK Proxy Editor.
SAM   Momentum Workflow/Asset Management Systems Momentum offers flexible automation and control of every stage of the media chain, from ingest, cataloging, QC and editing to transcoding and multi-platform delivery.
Media Asset Management for News Production Users can search, browse, edit, automate and organize with the added option of partial or full restore from archives.
TSL Products Pranav Media Tech MAM The company has deployed MAMs from most Principals, for all broadcast scenarios and understands the pitfalls to watch for when deploying a successful MAM.
XOR Media   Media Asset Management Centralize management of digital media and metadata with a cloud-capable storage platform that supports simultaneous NAS and SAN connectivity and allows access of content from anywhere with automated usage-based caching, replication, and migration.