Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) has selected Nice People at Work's (NPAW) platform Youbora to optimize quality of experience to boost audience engagement. By utilizing NPAW's Youbora solution, SPN will be able to deliver quality television content via the Internet.

NPAW is one of the leaders in business intelligence and analytics technology for the online video industry. Youbora, NPAW's business intelligence platform, leads the industry in providing content providers with detailed read-outs of the video delivery ecosystem. With this tool, content providers can respond appropriately to delivery issues, thereby boosting audience engagement, satisfaction, and consequently, loyalty by minimizing experience problems such as buffering or lag time. Such disruptions are managed easily with Youbora's real-time data-collection capabilities, the most granular in the industry including the platform's SmartModules.

SPN has integrated with Youbora analytics to accommodate the growing demand for OTT and on-demand videos to present quality content equal to conventional television to its online viewers.