Cisco has signed an MoU with the government of Telangana to boost education and local innovation, foster entrepreneurship, and accelerate economic competitiveness and citizen engagement in the state. Cisco will deliver series of strategic initiatives to help accelerate the digital transformation of Telangana. Digital disruption is a reality and is transforming every country, state, and city.

Deploying digital zone project. Cisco will deploy city digital platform (CDP) in the 2.2 km area near Hi-Tech City in Hyderabad. In the digital zone project, Cisco will collaborate with local ecosystem solution providers to build a scalable model for effective rollout of city services across the state of Telangana. This project will utilize Cisco's global expertise and intellectual property in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), mobile technology and applications, cloud computing, data analytics, social media, energy, and lighting solutions.

Boosting research and local innovation. Cisco will set up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) and a Living Lab on the T-Hub premises to foster regional innovation, and will enable partners and start-ups to build solutions around IoT and cyber security and engage in rapid prototyping. This will also act as a platform to bring start-ups, accelerators, developers, researchers, ecosystem partners, and the venture community together to showcase possibilities of the IoT. In the CoE, Cisco will showcase its global smart cities platform - city digital platform (CDP) - which can integrate various smart city services onto a unified platform along with Cisco Collaboration Solutions and Cisco Mobility Services Engine.

Delivering remote education. The vision of the state government of Telangana is to bring the best education to all the students across the state and bring in the best of faculty remotely to every school in the state. Cisco will set up virtual video-based classrooms in 10 remote schools in Karimnagar district for inter-school learning. The solution will connect the district school to the remote schools for sharing of faculty. Cisco will deploy the solution to connect these schools over HD-quality video conferencing to share the faculty across the connected schools. The solution will also enable digital sharing of content, live streaming, recording, creation of a repository, and accessing the content on demand.