Planetcast Media Services Limited has entered into OTT segment by introducing its OTT solution targeted toward existing broadcasters and non-TV content owners. Planetcast OTT is a new, turnkey OTT solution for media companies, publishers, and content creators to build advanced OTT app and web-based entertainment ecosystem and deploy it in a highly cost-effective manner. Planetcast OTT solution is aimed at exponential increase in ROI (return on investment) for broadcasters, media companies, video content owners, and publishers who want to take their content over the top. Planetcast OTT empowers the customers to quickly launch, manage, and monetize new OTT offerings.

Planetcast, with its OTT solution aims at breaking the glass ceiling, which prevents passionate media companies and content owners from making OTT market entry due to the high cost attached to it. An out-of-the-box solution, it enables the customers to deploy premium OTT experience within the time limit and within their budget. Planetcast OTT solution will have a simplistic interface, which does not require engineers to manage or build services. Planetcast is very clear about OTT product offering; it is to make customer's life simple and hassle free.