FilmLight has recently held a series of workshops in Mumbai. Led by Daniele Siragusano, FilmLight's workflow specialist, the presentations gave a unique opportunity to explore the creative benefits of good color, the commercial potential of providing efficient future-proof workflows for production and post-houses.

Siragusano explained the new challenges clients face when mixing different cameras and display technologies. Baselight, the FilmLight grading platform, accepts the raw footage format from all of popular cameras. Moreover, its compatibility with the entire range of products from FilmLight allows seamless exchange between the different stages of production, from on-set grading, dailies, grade, to VFX.

Using Baselight Grade Files (BLG) for metadata exchange between dailies and final finish, the workflow retains that raw format all the way through to the final outputs.

The presentation demonstrated how color grading and workflows are now ever changing, and showcased examples of creative color pipelines. Some of the capabilities of latest grading tools were shown, besides how the use of color spaces meant users could switch almost instantly from grading for television to movies, from HDR to traditional film, and video color gamut.

The colorists and DoPs at each session saw practical examples from real recent productions, putting the tools and the workflows into context in this fast-changing industry. Everyone found the half-day sessions extremely interesting, useful, and thought-provoking.