Barco has recently showcased a cutting-edge training module for system integrators and end users in Bangalore. Barco's OpSpace is its patent-pending operator-focussed technology, to demonstrate how mission-critical control rooms can benefit by optimizing operator efficiency and enhancing operational effectiveness.

OpSpace is one of the first visual workspace software solution that creates a single operational canvas by combining any number of existing displays on operators' desks and allows them to view, monitor, and interact with multiple operational systems possibly residing on different secured networks. By allowing all relevant information to be consulted and manipulated within a single-pixel space with just one mouse and keyboard, this state-of-the-art software solution puts the operator at the center of the information flow with all their subsystems within easy reach.

Operators can launch and interact with any application in the work area with just one click, while maintaining an overview of all other applications in their peripheral vision for total situational awareness. This provides a more ergonomic, efficient, and intuitive way of working, and aids in lowering stress levels while enabling better decision making and time management. OpSpace also allows operators to individually manage different security clearances and liability concerns in a hassle-free manner.