David Dowling, Vice-President-Sales, EMEA & APAC, Ross Video

Ross Video designs, manufactures, and delivers dependable technology and services that power exceptional live-video productions seen by billions of viewers around the world every day. The company delivers the world's widest range of products and services for augmented reality and virtual sets, mobile live-event solutions, real-time motion graphics, robotic camera systems, social-media management, production switchers, routers, infrastructure products, video servers, newsroom systems, terminal equipment, and more.

Broadcasters worldwide are searching for efficient, cost-effective ways to do more with less. Today, broadcasting equipment must have a proven ROI. Broadcasters are looking for automated production that is cleaner and more consistent than any other similar system with fewer on-air mistakes and higher quality productions. These are designed for use in a wide variety of applications such as news, sports, live events, and faith-based productions. Vendors of production-control automation are showing broadcasters ways to tackle newer challenges.

Another ongoing trend is 4K broadcasting. Broadcasters are acquiring 4K equipment, but not necessarily transmitting in 4K. The challenge is getting four times the available bandwidth. It is not an easy solution currently. Amazon and Netflix can do it differently as they own the networks. But for someone who is on cable or satellite, it is a different story.

On product portfolio

In Europe, majority of broadcasters are looking for automated production.?Inception News, the cutting edge system for news production, sport, live event, and mutli-camera television production integrates seamlessly with Ross OverDrive. Inception News, is widely used by Associated Press, BBC, FOX, and Sky, amongst others, for news production. OverDrive provides highly flexible production control system that enables control over all the devices used in a production environment.

Indian broadcasters need to automate their highly complex production-control systems. We offer a customized, economic version, the OverDrive Express. This allows automation of the entire control room by integrating with newsroom computer systems, production switchers, graphics, servers, audio mixers, robotics, and many other devices.

On sales trends in India

India is one of the key markets for Ross and the Indian operations were performed very well last year in terms of sales. We experienced 22 percent growth in 2016-17. Globally, we grew 20 percent.

We are really focused in moving forward in the Indian market and have been increasing our people strength in the region. We have made investments in the market and are focusing on our growth in this region.

On major customers

Right now, in India, we are catering to private broadcasters, especially news channels, who are doing lots of graphics, audio, using servers and just want to go on-air error free. We have a number of successful projects including TV18 and ETV.

In India, there is an increasing trend for sports broadcasting in 4K. Ultra-HD will also get an impetus once high-dynamic range (HDR) technology is incorporated with UHD viewing. Some of the cameras offered by Ross have the ability to record HDR. We are going to cater to this segment in the next six months. We would be combining HDR with 4K so that our customers get the best of both worlds.

On issues of concern

It is a very exciting time for Ross in India; we are continually investing in the country and are excited and looking forward to the next couple of years for business development and growth here.