Today’s increasingly complex multi-channel, multi-resolution broadcast environment, which may also be a hybrid of SDI and IP technologies, is quickly overwhelming the capabilities of traditional signal monitoring and multiviewer solutions. Even moderately sized production facilities may now generate hundreds of PIPs and require nearly as many displays, severely taxing the upper limits of today’s typical multiviewer technology and forcing media companies to string together unwieldy and difficult-to-manage monitoring solutions.

Add to that the challenge of simultaneously monitoring baseband SDI video and compressed and uncompressed video streams on IP, and it is clear that the current generation of monitoring solutions can no longer cope. What the media industry now requires is a single, highly versatile, and scalable solution that can take in signals in any format and resolution and display them on multiple screens, as required.



Meeting these increasingly complex demands of today’s and tomorrow’s media production operations was the driving force behind EPIC MV, Imagine’s SDI-IP hybrid and UHD-ready next-generation multiviewer. Powered by Zenium, Imagine’s workflow management platform, EPIC MV is capable of scaling to meet the monitoring requirements of even the largest, most complex installations. Based on a microservices architecture that enables near-seamless integration of new technologies and capabilities, EPIC MV is designed to accommodate the accelerated pace of innovation in the media industry and to provide a single, unified solution for all environments.

The software-based EPIC MV runs on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers, including the latest hardware from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE). A single 2RU configuration accepts up to 48 HD inputs over IP uncompressed with full redundancy, or SDI inputs, when equipped with proper I/O option boards. EPIC MV feeds four 1080p HD displays, or two 4K/UHD displays, with an option to double that display capacity. Any display output can be in portrait or landscape orientation to provide complete flexibility for the system designer.

The EPIC MV supports all of the traditional multiviewer functions, including rich graphics capabilities, under-monitor displays and tallies, clocks, and more. What sets the EPIC MV ahead of the competitive field is the ability to connect multiple units over an IP network, sharing resources, as required.

EPIC MV has built-in scalability to significantly reduce complexity, enabling a single signal input to be displayed on as many screens, as required, even displays connected to other EPIC MV units. The signal can be shared across a well-managed 10 GBE or faster network. This capability produces huge savings in external resources and cabling, making for a simpler, more reliable, and cost-effective installation.

Depending on application requirements, EPIC MVs modules can be networked together to manage thousands of signals and on-screen displays, using hundreds of different screens, each with its own unique layout. Designed to support SDI or hybrid SDI-IP environments, the EPIC MV facilitates a seamless and gradual transition from SDI to IP, while providing a clear path to the cloud.

Answering the media industry’s requirement for a new approach to signal monitoring, the EPIC MV is an all-purpose multiviewer solution, ideal for mid- to large-scale deployments and purpose-built to provide media companies with responsive monitoring environments that can be precisely tailored to their operational requirements.