Project: Installation of a Post-Production Studio
Client: Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, Pune
Vendor: Yamaha Music India Private Limited


Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism based in Pune has been training and creating successful sound engineers and music producers for the industry since 2009. Seamedu produces world-class talent in media and entertainment sector of digital filmmaking, animation, game design, visual effects, sound design, broadcast media, and broadcast journalism.

When planning their post-production studio, Seamedu wanted to have something that fitted their current workflow and was flexible enough to prepare students for a versatile industry. Further to match and compete with the industry standard, the department of sound engineering was focusing to have a new 7.1 studio with latest available technology.


While planning their studio, they looked at the current DAW systems, including several controller solutions. Market search and some severe consideration brought Yamaha's product line up for their requirement. After technical discussions and understanding the workflow, finally Nuage was recommended. This purchase took place through Yamaha's authorized business partner Natraj Electronics, Pune.

Nuage Setup @ Seamedu, Pune

With their mission to incorporate new and advanced technology in their teachings, Seamedu incorporated the Yamaha Nuage Advanced Production System for this setup. The configuration consists of two Nuage Control surfaces and one Nuage Master Section. This gives a student a good 32-channel control at once. Nuage will be controlling two main DAWs Nuendo 7 and Pro Tools 12, both being industry standards.

The Nuage hardware and interfaces integrate seamlessly with Steinberg's Nuendo DAW software, forming a system that offers unprecedented productivity and flexibility with superb audio quality. The system has incredible resources that make it easy to resolve a variety of issues during recording, owing to the system's optimized workflow, versatility, and editing speed. Nuage places all controls within easy reach, making overall execution much faster.

The team at Yamaha is confident that Nuage will be the perfect choice for Seamedu. Being the first sale in Pune Region, the company will be targeting to pitch and market the product in more institutes and is confident that the sales for Nuage will increase in the near future.