Demand for visually rich 4K UHD content is increasing and Grass Valley is meeting that need with the newest range of its LDX 86N series of cameras that enable users to capture content in native 4K - the LDX 86N series. The LDX 86N series complements the LDX 86 series, providing the industry's most versatile approach to satisfying 4K demand without compromising its performance in 3G/HD applications.

Built using Grass Valley's newest UHD 2/3 imagers, the LDX 86N provides the best possible native 4K resolution in true 16:9 aspect ratio, using lenses intended for broadcast with no cropping or zooming effects. The cameras are ideally suited for outside broadcasting as well as live and studio productions, giving broadcasters the advantage of selecting between the highest image resolution with native 4K and switching to native 3G/HD for all applications where an uncompromised 3G/HD performance is required.

Each camera uses three next-generation native 4K Xensium CMOS imagers that support full native 4K resolution and offer a unique pixel technology called DPM (dynamic pixel management). With DPM Ultra, the camera provides native 1920×1080 HD acquisition without the intrinsic downsides of 4K acquisition, such as rolling-shutter and decreased sensitivity, while delivering native 4K crispness on-the-spot, when needed.

The new LDX 86N system cameras work with the XCU XF fiber base stations and XF transmission adapters. As with the existing LDX 86 series, the LDX 86N series will be available in multiple configurations that are easily switchable with software licenses. Any camera in the range can be upgraded easily to the next level of functionality, all the way up to the LDX 86N universe, through the popular GV-eLicense program. The ability of the LDX 86N to capture either native 4K or native 3G/HD without having to change cameras is unique and a competitive advantage for users. Users who need flexibility as an option to capture what is required, which changes from job to job, this single solution is committed to make all the difference and increase the number of productions.

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