PAM-IP is an uncompressed video-over-IP S2022-6 audio monitor. Until now, it has been impossible to monitor audio directly from an IP stream, without going through a complex format conversion first. With the new PAM-IP range, users can now effortlessly monitor uncompressed video and audio over IP, without superfluous format conversion hardware, thereby smoothing transition to an all-IP workflow.

The PAM-IP range can monitor video, audio, and its associated metadata from either a traditional 3G-SDI connection or an S2022-6 IP stream. It is designed to work seamlessly in a hybrid environment where an SDI, AES, and analog-based infrastructure can be monitored alongside an IP-based infrastructure. With this array of connectivity options, the PAM-IP range offers better format flexibility than any other monitoring device.

MPA Family

MPA Family offers greater ease of use and excellent sound quality. It is ideal for an established I/O - such as MADI, SDI, AES-3, and analog - while also embracing the industry's rapid move to audio-over-IP workflows with support for Dante and Ravenna. The new products are available in two models: Solo offers the ability to listen to any channel, while Mix enables the user to create a simple monitoring mix. The shallow unit depth of 100 mm makes them both ideal for the broadcast in OB environment. The built-in web server enables all units to be configured, monitored, and controlled remotely via an intuitive web interface.

Tally Man Control Systems

Tally Man Control Systems including the Tallyman Virtual Panel is launched by TSL. Tallyman is used as a main product in many broadcast operations, coordinating critical broadcast infrastructure components, providing operators with a platform to control multiple pieces of kit from different vendors, including routers, under monitor displays, multiviewers, and vision mixers. It can be configured to monitor and control all infrastructure elements via traditional push-button or cool virtual touchscreen control panels.

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