In less than a generation, the video games industry has risen to become popular and profitable. Online gaming has exploded and given rise to Esports, a video-over-IP platform that sees teams of gamers compete against each other in leagues and tournaments that are broadcast online to audiences of thousands. With room for several teams of gamers, commentators, and an audience of up to 100 fans, it includes a range of products from Ross Video.

ESL's studio in the U.K. is similar to their facility in Cologne, Germany. Both use the Carbonite Black production switcher and all on-screen graphics are provided by the Ross XPression platform. NK routers and DashBoard, Ross Video's open source control interface, help complete the system.

ESL has selected Ross in order to simplify and improve the workflow. The company gives emphasis on the value and importance of high production values. ESL wanted to take a step up from their previous equipment and create slicker and more professional-looking broadcasts, and also wanted to ensure that these broadcasts could be easily and consistently run by the people on the teams who are not broadcast engineers. This is where Ross DashBoard comes into play. With Ross, company has created customized DashBoard panels that enable anyone on the team to manage any broadcast. Not being a huge team, flexibility and multitasking has become easy for ESL with Ross's involvement. Company is committed to make work operations simpler and deliver reliable results.