FirmDecisions, part of UK-based Ebiquity Group and an independent global marketing auditor, has announced its entry into the Indian market.

It’s actively pursuing a JV here to help advertisers know that their media investment advisors are not commercially compromised. The firm has conducted 5,000+ audits in 70+ countries over the past 17 years facilitating financial transparency in the client-agency relationship for many of the world’s biggest advertisers. The right contract terms ensure client interests are protected and Firm Decisions is highly regarded worldwide for its ability to ensure this happens, the company said.

It also revealed that at a recent workshop organized by FirmDecisions, 30+ leading Indian advertisers shared their growing concerns on media transparency and their eagerness to know more about the black box of media trading incentives (e.g. rebates) between their appointed advisors and media suppliers.

Announcing the entry, Stephen Broderick, Managing Partner, FirmDecisions, said, “We are excited about our foray into the Indian market and see ourselves playing a larger role at a time when advertising is transforming and showing immense potential. The increasing disconnect between advertisers and media agencies over rebates calls for more transparency. In many countries, including the US and UK, advertisers are urging their peers to tighten contracts and adapt a new framework. Indian advertisers by early adaption will avoid issues that other markets have already gone through.”

FirmDecisions aims to ensure financial transparency in the client-agency relationship for the world’s largest advertisers like Unilever, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Jaguar Land Rover. They claim they have been instrumental in taking the findings of the ANA Report global to identify five areas where advertiser(s) should focus their energies - Internal Governance, Management and Ownership of Data, Contract Management, Audit Rights and Code of Conduct. They work closely with advertisers and respective agencies to validate and verify if clients have received the services they have paid for. – Adage India