KTBS-TV3 and KPXJ-CW21 – a duopoly owned by KTBS, LLC recently upgraded to Maxiva ULXT liquid-cooled UHF DTV transmitters from GatesAir. These solid-state UHF DTV transmitters are built upon GatesAir's PowerSmart Plus architecture, its next-generation green transmission technology to significantly lower energy consumption and power bills.

KTBS-TV began searching for a new DTV transmitter when its 15-year-old legacy tube transmitter from another supplier began to fail, and replacement parts became hard to find. The hope was to find and install a new transmitter before the quality of the on-air product began to suffer. As the company learned more about the high efficiency and attractive ROI of GatesAir transmitters, they saw an immediate value in replacing a second legacy tube transmitter at sister-station KPXJ.

In addition to providing the headroom, they needed high-quality, multichannel DTV over the air; the new solid-state ULXT transmitters offer many safety, maintenance, and operational advantages over their legacy tube transmitters.

Technical Services Group, Inc. (TSG) a recognized broadcast systems integrator provided KTBS/KPXJ with a full turnkey solution, including planning, best practices, detailed design, floor plans, and installation in a way that maximized their reliability and efficiency within a very limited space.

The overall design includes dual redundancy by leveraging legacy assets; and a new digital microwave system with an IP backbone to increase bandwidth between the studio and the transmitter site.