GatesAir and Nigerian channel partner Pinnacle Communications Limited have buildout and launched a turnkey DVB-T2 transmission system serving the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. The DVB-T2 system supports the switch-on of a new over-the-air DTV service now delivering 30 channels of high-quality news, information, and entertainment to Abuja residents.

GatesAir and Pinnacle Communications designed, delivered, integrated, and commissioned the complete solution on behalf of Nigeria's National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) over a three-month period, which includes main and backup GatesAir high-efficiency Maxiva' ULXT liquid-cooled transmitters for content delivery. GatesAir also supplied the DVB-T2 headend, which optimizes UHF spectrum for multichannel services; along with all electrical material and RF systems required for the greenfield build out.

As the licensed signal distributor for Nigeria, Pinnacle Communications is working closely with the Nigerian regulator, NBC, to plan future expansions of the service. The success of this rollout means that Pinnacle Communications will work closely with GatesAir on future launches, and anticipates a total of 70 additional RF sites for comprehensive national coverage. The next phase is targeted for completion in June 2017. NBC is expected to cover six states from each of Nigeria's geo-political zones.