Irdeto and Harmonic are working together to provide the world's first integrated and proven Common Scrambling Algorithm v3 (CSA3) solution. This next-generation encryption technology enables pay-TV operators to securely launch advanced formats like 4K UHD. The implementation of robust encryption technology combines Harmonic's, ProStream X next-generation stream processing platform with Irdeto's Conditional Access solution.

Ninety-six percent of video service providers and content producers believe that a majority of consumers and operators will adopt 4K UHD TV by 2020 according to the survey by Irdeto and SNL Kagan. While the growing adoption of 4K UHD is great news for consumers and content providers alike, pirates are evolving their piracy strategies to offer this premium content as a part of their growing illegal business. With CSA1 and CSA2 content encryption becoming increasingly more vulnerable, it is becoming essential for operators to adopt CSA3 to protect premium content.

Irdeto's Conditional Access solution provides the most stringent content security for pay-TV operations, encompassing the movie labs specification for enhanced content protection. It also enables pay-TV operators and broadcasters to offer more services, payment options, and device support to provide the content, value, and convenience that consumers expect when selecting a pay-TV service. The combination of CSA3 encryption technology from Harmonic and Irdeto's flexible solutions enable broadcasters to easily deploy new TV services and support new devices without interrupting existing subscriber services or compromising their digital assets.