Brick Eksten, Chief Product Officer, Imagine Communications

 “Imagine Communications enjoys a long and successful track record of fulfilling the technology requirements of tpc and is proud of playing a role in the company's rich history of bringing the Swiss and global markets some of the most compelling content in the world. We are extremely excited to be providing the innovation behind this breakthrough achievement and meeting tpc's challenge to build a mobile production facility that will be relevant today and a decade in the future by delivering the agility and flexibility to withstand the blistering pace of technology advancement.”

Brick Eksten,
Chief Product Officer,
Imagine Communications

Imagine Communications has entered into an agreement with Swiss broadcast service provider tpc, technology and production center Switzerland ag, to provide the distribution core, processing, and multiviewer technology for a next-generation mobile production vehicle that is expected to be the first in the industry to support uncompressed HD and UHD signals over IP, based on the SMPTE ST 2110 standard for the transport of video and audio over IP networks.

The new vehicle will provide tpc, a leading producer of major international events for the Swiss and global markets, with a standards-based mobile production unit capable of simultaneously supporting HD and UHD production requirements at the highest video quality and seamlessly evolving to retain its state-of-the-art status for the next decade or more. The truck is being designed and built by SonoVTS, a leading European systems integrator based in Germany.

The entire solution is designed to support a variety of SDI and IP inputs, as well as HD and UHD formats, enabling tpc to process uncompressed high-quality video signals to meet all customer preferences without requiring a mezzanine compression scheme or relying on nonstandard, proprietary hardware.

The new tpc vehicle will also rely heavily on next-generation monitoring and control technology from Imagine Communications. The highly scalable and UHD-ready EPIC' MV multiviewer helps tpc to effectively monitor the signals of a large number of dedicated screens, with inputs and monitor outputs all in IP.