Zeiss is expanding its portfolio in the field of digital services to better serve its customers with smart services to ease daily operations and gain efficiency. Together with Cisco, Zeiss is building a secure data transmission platform to connect Zeiss devices in the field to higher-level systems within the Industry 4.0 environment. The goal for Zeiss is to connect production to industrial platform solutions and to explore the potential of end-to-end data links for applications, such as analytics and maintenance. Together with Cisco, Zeiss is developing the required network infrastructure and laying the foundation for new digital services. These are based on the direct communication of the Zeiss devices and machines with higher-level systems, whereby knowledge is extracted and analyzed from the processes and the machines.

Zeiss already enables its customers to systematically analyze and process quality data. As a result, these customers can steer their processes more effectively and identify currently untapped process and quality potential. Customers who use these solutions will now be able to securely connect and transfer their data across sites and supply chains. Cisco is contributing the secure connectivity platform for this joint project. The aim is to enable machines to quickly and securely transmit their system status and results, thus enabling the initiation of measures to optimize manufacturing.

Zeiss and Cisco are together laying the foundation that will make it possible to directly connect Zeiss machines to higher-level IoT systems and platforms on a global level with integrated security. This involves the joint development of a solution for the monitoring of Zeiss measuring machines. It will simultaneously allow the fast provisioning of global services to customers.