Ross Video and The Future Group's Frontier, innovative virtual studio graphics rendering platforms produced by the collaborating companies are now available.

Frontier uses the superior unreal gaming engine, from Epic Games, as the render engine, which provides exceptional high-realism scenery through state-of-the-art features such as particle systems, dynamic textures, live reflections, and shadows and even collision detection. It is these cutting-edge video engines that Ross Video and The Future Group have developed and optimized for virtual studio broadcast environments to realize the Frontier broadcast advantage.

Used for rendering background scenery, or foreground objects, Frontier works seamlessly with Ross Video's XPression motion graphics system, which provides workflow tools and data connectivity. The combination of Frontier with XPression guarantees the best of all worlds – photorealistic backgrounds and unparalleled creative freedom along with unmatched data connectivity, visual logic programming, and full support for major workflows.

'Frontier raises the broadcasting bar for virtual and augmented reality productions with incredible levels of creative design freedom that are combined with hyper-realistic rendering quality for virtual sets that are much more natural and convincing. Modest studio spaces are made to look much larger and more impressive, and set design is quickly and easily changed for different applications delivering much more flexibility and profitability – a true smart production investment.'

Gideon Ferber,
Director, Marketing Product Management
Ross Virtual Solutions